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Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool

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Remove facial hair easily and without feeling the pain with this HairEmover! 

A facial hair removal gadget allows you to remove hair in a safe, effective, and almost painless manner without the use of waxes or irritating hair removal lotions. Without waxing or pricey permanent hair removal procedures, simply grip, bend, and twist your way to a smoother face. Our hair removal springs grab hair better than competitors, making hair removal easier and providing results that can last up to 4 weeks.


Unique Design - It's made especially for people with sensitive skin. If you're seeking a flawless hair remover to get rid of ugly black, wiry hair or that unpleasant peach fuzz on your face, chin, or upper lip, this hair removal equipment will astound you.

Premium Quality - It will gradually grow back finer and softer, decreasing the need to shave your face as frequently. Its hypoallergenic, medical-grade, ultra-strong carbon steel (nickel-free) construction leaves skin hair-free with no discomfort or irritation.

Portable - It is small enough to fit in a handbag or pocketbook and can be used to remove unwanted hair as it appears. Because of its small size, you may use it anywhere secretly and quietly.