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Spinsam-4-In-1 Neck Massager

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Enjoy a spa experience from your home

Just imagine how you would feel if you visited the spa every day? Spinsam’s pulsating power provides you with a weapon against back pain and tension around all of your body.

Using the different heads you can experience a different massage for relieving pain, breaking tension, or simply for pleasure. With the extended grip reaching far is no longer a problem

After an exhausting day, a tension-baking massage is just what you need to ease your mind and enjoy your break. Start living a life free of pain to enjoy life’s pleasures once more!


Reach where it hurts- Easily relieve your back pain without any extra movement. Spinsam reaches where other massagers can’t!

Your personal chiropractor- Recover from injuries, relieve pain or simply enjoy a massage to ease your body into a pleasurable state!

Vacation for the body- You don’t need to go to the beach to relieve your body of stress and tension, one session with Spinsam does magic for your health!

Spinsam is the ultimate choice- Keep your back healthy, your body relaxed and reap the benefits of a tension-free nervous system well into your old age!