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TowelBand- Hair Bath Towel

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Dry your hair quickly with a TowelBand!

The hair towel will quickly and easily dry your hair. Unlike regular towels, this hair towel has a flexible loop that fits exactly on any head and embraces every single strand of hair inside. It's light and comfy to wear.


Dry Hair Fast - Nothing compares to the real thing. Our microfiber hair wrap is made of a highly absorbent material that is meant to dry hair softly and fast. Frizz and damage are reduced as your hair dries faster.

Lightweight - It is a perfectly fitted hair towel you can put on with ease. There are no readjustments and no slippage. Your hands stay free, and you can move about your morning and hair care routine without interruption. Plus, no heavy towel on your head means no neck pain or straining under its weight.

Ultra-absorbent - It is made of microfiber cloth, which helps dry hair faster than cotton towels, from wet to damp, while drying evenly, softly, and restoring hair strength.