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Anti Hair Loss Hair Growth Scalp Massager

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Efficient on various hair problems: Hair loss, hair loss, capillary cracks become wider, oily hair, damaged hair and more. The laser comb circulates the blood cells to rejuvenate skin and hair cells which reduces dandruff. Vibrating function promotes blood circulation making hair healthier and stronger.

Red light: The thermal effects in infrared light, accelerate blood flow, improve metabolism, the ability of tissue regeneration and improve cell viability, increase phagocytosis, help hair growth. LED Power Light Therapy generates 650nm low level laser energy that stimulates the hair follicle to achieve the effect of reducing hair loss and hair growth.

Effective functions: Anti-loss function through continuous use: Reduce hair fat, strengthen the hair roots and awaken new hair growth Defend your hairline, nourish the hair roots, regenerate hair, reduce oil and make better hair loss. Professionally strengthen hair cells to improve and thicken existing hair

Vibration massage Relax: Promote blood circulation, relax and relieve tiredness. Frequent use can prevent headaches or intermittent headaches. Regulates the secretion of oil, improves the problem of hair loss. The scalp accelerates the blood flow to the capillaries and improves the permeability of the cells for nutrition

Efficient Hair Comb: Light is used to clean your hair root, making the hair smooth and healthy. For best results, use 10 minutes every other day