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FlickComb - Hair Scalp Massage Hair Brush

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Are you tired of spending endless hours detangling hair, only to be met with tears and frustration?

It is the same scenario every single day…

You try to brush.
The brush gets stuck.
Your kid cries, running around your home.

What if you could detangle knots in minutes, painlessly?

Introducing the FlickComb, a revolutionary hairbrush designed to make detangling a breeze.

Its secret lies in the patented bristle structure. A combination of long nylon bristles and short boar bristles ensures a gentle, pain-free experience.

This, combined with the extraordinary oversized design that perfectly matches the shape of the head, makes detangling your hair with the FlickComb feel like MAGIC! 


Comb your tangled hair with  FlickComb!

With its bristles, this hairbrush can quickly untangle your hair. It's also a great styling tool for all types of hair. The hairbrush stimulates blood flow by massaging your scalp. It also has a non-slip design that makes it easier to hold the brush while using it.



Premium Quality - The vented hairbrush is composed of ABS plastic, which makes it both sturdy and lightweight. The vent brush for hair's nylon bristles slide through any hairstyle without tugging or scratching, and it's easy to clean.

Excellent Design - The hair brush's handle is comfortable to use, and the rubber has a non-slip coating to prevent drops. The hairstyling brush contains a hanging hole for quick attachment to something.

Perfect For All Hair Types - Our curved hairbrush is appropriate for all hair types. The detangling brush works well for straight or curly hair, and the curved hair brushes for women and men readily work through coarse, fine, thick, or thin hair.