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MultiShine- Sunglass Organizing Case

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The Ultimate Eyewear Organizer

It’s not hard to crack your glasses especially if you are carrying them in your luggage. MultiShine gives you a compact and secure way of traveling with your collection! 

Inside the case, you’ll find six hardened compartments for each of your pairs that fold neatly into a stylish discrete case you can easily carry around and open on the go!
If you are not on vacation, MultiShine is a perfect organizer for eyewear of every caliber. Keeping your glasses safe, organized, and clean has never been so easy!



Never lose a glass - Protect your eyewear collection from cracks and bruises, secure them inside ShineStore and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Organize your accessories - Too many glasses in just one case, organize up to six pairs in a compact manner you can easily carry with you!
Stay stylish - Make sure you have a pair for every outfit, bring your all glasses along with you on your travels without any inconveniences!
MultiShine is the ultimate choice- Keep your collection of glasses organized and safe at home or on the go in just one case!